The story behind Quintaum

Our story is hidden in Quintaum name. The word “quintessential” represents the most perfect, the superior. The term “AUM” refers to the “Assets Under Management” in finance and in Hindu “AUM” represents the sound of infinitive and of the entire Universe. To reach this state you need to balance Earth, Air, Fire and Water and a putative fifth element – “quinta essentia”, that was believed to be superior, and so, “quintessential.”

In other words, Quintaum means that the superior, the best, the quintessential asset of all and any organizations, communities and nations are – The People.

Therefore, we invite you to increase the awareness of your Life Pulses and to take back the control of your life!

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Monitoring that Tells All
Every person has potential. Find out how to develop it using Quintaum 5 pulses questionnaire.

Discover & Develop to Become a Better Version of Yourself

It only takes 30 minutes to uncover the one true you in this moment. But it takes commitment to become the best you. Complete the 5Pulses assessment to unlock the personalized reports and start the journey to maximize your potential.

Step 1: Take the 5Pulses Assessment

Instead of dozens of questionnaires and surveys that would consume everyone’s valuable time, you/your employees will receive only one multidimensional survey, designed as a 30-minute experience, with different types of questions, answer scales and mind games, to prevent respondent fatigue.

Step 2: Get Your Personalized 5Pulses Report

We strongly believe that successful organizations can thrive only, when your People are Resilient, reach their Well-being and live a truly Meaningful Life. Therefore, each employee receives a Personal report with key signals about their Well-being, Personal Energies, Life balance, Life Happiness, Career and Stress pulses.

Report Guide

“How did they know that? That’s exactly … me!”

One look at your first personalized 5Pulses Report and you'll ask yourself the same thing.
Developed over 3 decades of research, analyzing and studying, these insights explain exactly how you feel, think and stand in your life today.
That is the first and most important step to discovering yourself and the potential still hidden in you.
The pinpoint accuracy will leave you inspired and empowered with newfound self-awareness!

Step 3: Use Your 5Pulses Report to Succeed

Now it’s time to meditate on your results and use them to grow!
Search our resources and tools that will help you learn how to do more of what you naturally do best.
Contact us  about getting a certified Quintaum coach to help unlock your potential and succeed in every aspect of your life.