The story behind Quintaum

Our story is hidden in Quintaum name. The word “quintessential” represents the most perfect, the superior. The term “AUM” refers to the “Assets Under Management” in finance and in Hindu “AUM” represents the sound of infinitive and of the entire Universe. To reach this state you need to balance Earth, Air, Fire and Water and a putative fifth element – “quinta essentia”, that was believed to be superior, and so, “quintessential.”

In other words, Quintaum means that the superior, the best, the quintessential asset of all and any organizations, communities and nations are – The People.

Therefore, we invite you to increase the awareness of your Life Pulses and to take back the control of your life!


Understanding your personal energy

It’s easy to think of personal energy as something one-faceted, as the energy that simply drives your life forward, fuelling your day in, day out. Some people may equate that to their physical energy, however, the true understanding of our personal energy may be slightly more complex.

Physical energy can be seen as the basis of our personal energy, or merely as just one aspect of it. Our personal energy, in essence, is multidimensional, and a fusion of (1) physical, (2) mental, (3) emotional, (4) soul, and (5) spiritual energies altogether. 

To be the best “version” of yourself, you need to be fully energized, yet it often happens that we fail to nourish all aspects of our personal energy evenly. Therefore, this is why you experience fatigue and weariness when your physical energy is low, brain fog when your mental energy is weak, lack of passion or humor if your emotional energy is running thin, poor creativity when your soul energy is gone, or a feeling of aimlessness in life when your spiritual energy has tarnished.

We can diagnose the lack of any of these energies due to a number of reasons. For easier understanding, here are some examples:

  • When you skip exercising, that can lead to loss of your physical energy
  • Repeatedly dealing with work-related activities, without taking proper rest, may affect your mental energy
  • Unhealthy romantic or other relationships may be exhausting you emotionally
  • As we fail to find time to relax, to enjoy, and occasionally to get bored, our soul energy that is vital for inspiration and creativity also extinguishes
  • When you are not able to clearly express what is the purpose of your life, that is a sign that your spiritual energy is exhausted.

Can we ever reach a state of equilibrium between all FIVE dimensions of our personal energy, or is this just an ideal we strive to reach in vain?

Mens sana in corpore sano would read the Latin proverb, but stay tuned to our Good Reads section to learn more on how to achieve and/or maintain a state of “a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

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