The story behind Quintaum

Our story is hidden in Quintaum name. The word “quintessential” represents the most perfect, the superior. The term “AUM” refers to the “Assets Under Management” in finance and in Hindu “AUM” represents the sound of infinitive and of the entire Universe. To reach this state you need to balance Earth, Air, Fire and Water and a putative fifth element – “quinta essentia”, that was believed to be superior, and so, “quintessential.”

In other words, Quintaum means that the superior, the best, the quintessential asset of all and any organizations, communities and nations are – The People.

Therefore, we invite you to increase the awareness of your Life Pulses and to take back the control of your life!



Few simple tricks to boost your optimism

Optimism is the notion and inner faith that good things will happen to you above bad things. Iconic American actress and TV producer of the 20th-century, Lucille Ball (thanks to whom Star Trek: The Original Series first aired on television in the late 1960s), has said: “One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.” 

So, how can you make optimism a way of life? Try to adopt some of the following tricks and tips, or call them also habits of the mind: 

  • Mind your language. Your words matter, so use them as an arsenal to train your mind to look more positively on things in life. If your statements are negative all of the time, that won’t help much your optimism. 
  • Think of the things that bring you down and make you feel “pessimistic” about life. Is it that bad? What can you do to improve today, tomorrow, this week? Take the little steps to get there.
  • Your car broke? You’ve lost your wallet? Well, that’s it. As much as unpleasant some situation might be, you cannot unwind them. In those instances focus on what you have and be thankful for that. Good friends to share a laugh with. A house and a family to keep you warm. Accept that setbacks are a normal part of life and don’t get too much frustrated when they happen.
  • Remember that “80% of people are classified as optimistic,” psychologists say. Which is quite fantastic. Even when we are faced with the worst in life, we don’t give up on hope. Just think of those instances when you watch a movie, and you realize that your favorite character is going to die, but you still think he or she will survive. 

Last but not least, the more optimistically you approach life, the more resilient you become. Like literally. More research indicates that optimism is linked with decreased levels of stress and higher chances of reaching longevity. So, who doesn’t want to live longer?

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